Table of Contents


Ruth Edgecombe
Charles Ballard
Norman A Etherington

Book Reviews

South Africa: A Modern History, by T R H Davenport.
Arthur M Kepple-Jones
The Red Soldier, by F Emery.
R J Bouch
The Zulu War by A McBride.
Jeff Mathews
A South African Pilgrimage by E H Brookes.
Richard J Haines
British Indians in the Transvaal, by B Pillay.
UmaDhupelia SurendraBhana
The James Stuart Archive, ed. C de B. Webb and J B Wright.
Charles Ballard
The Trial of Langalibalele, by N Herd.
Andrew Manson
Langalibalele: The Crisis in Natal, by W R Guest.
Andrew Manson
Fitzpatrick, South African Politician, ed. A H Duminy and W R Guest.
Alan Jeeves
The Burden of the Present, By Harrison M Wright.
Paul Maylam